Men vs Robot

Men vs Robot: a test of strength.   In the “boxing game” your objective is to beat your opponent down. The game features 1 map, local multiplayer and skins!   (This player skin I call “Man” because well look… it’s a person) Game developer: Shane Cook

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Platform Racer

Platform Racer Is a single player time trial based game, with various manoeuvres required to race against the clock and set a new time by completing the race. There are various platforms and obstacles that will be encountered to slow the player down. Basic actions such as jump and run are incorporated to complete the…

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tileBASH! is a game about bashing tiles with your finger! It’s all in the name really… Dig and bash your way down through planets across the galaxy, destroying any tiles laying between you and the center of each planet. Avoid dangerous elements and fight your way to the next piece of a mysterious map that…

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Chibi Run Cycle

**VIDEO** Final pass at Chibi character run cycle. Created to show some of the development stages involved throughout the 3D modeling process. From a wire-frame model through to applying materials and lighting as well as model smoothing. Created in Blender and rendered using the Cycles render engine.

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