Men vs Robot

Men vs Robot: a test of strength.   In the “boxing game” your objective is to beat your opponent down. The game features 1 map, local multiplayer and skins!   (This player skin I call “Man” because well look… it’s a person) Game developer: Shane Cook

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tileBASH! is a game about bashing tiles with your finger! It’s all in the name really… Dig and bash your way down through planets across the galaxy, destroying any tiles laying between you and the center of each planet. Avoid dangerous elements and fight your way to the next piece of a mysterious map that…

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About Us

This site has been created for students studying Certificate IV in Digital and Interactive Games to publish information about their progress and to promote games they are developing. The first term was spent learning about the processes involved in developing a game both 2D and 3D. Students have also been learning how to use the…

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