Platform Racer

jumping platform

Platform Racer

Is a single player time trial based game, with various manoeuvres required to race against the clock and set a new time by completing the race.
There are various platforms and obstacles that will be encountered to slow the player down.
Basic actions such as jump and run are incorporated to complete the course.

Most of the coding has been compiled from unity learn, to suit this individual title.
There are features such as a tracking camera that will cover the game world and track the player.

An individually made cylindrical skybox will span the surrounds infinitely as each platform is encountered.

A basic geometry based physics cue for centering the player, and making the game workable.
There are still a lot of features yet to be implemented such as the game clock,
The spawning function. And sequencing animations.
The basic main context menu that is a placeholder was sourced on the unity store.

Looking forwards to submitting on steam greenlight.